This is where all of Christopher's other stripes come together to create the Dreampreneur who believes in spirituality through travel, staying attuned to life and Mental Nutrition. At the same time, this stripe is the basis of all his stripes, because without the vision, you cannot write, build or lead.

The Social Media Poet

A Labor of Love

Firstly and irrevocably, I love people. I believe in people. Each of us is here on a journey. Each of us has a higher purpose. Yet we are all burdened with the struggle to exist and continue to persist against all of life's challenges, difficulties and setbacks.

People can overcome. People can rise. One person can impact the world, the planet and societies in incredibly, powerful ways. We’ve all seen it happen. I believe in empowering individuals to attain, or at least reach toward, their highest potential.

I've been profoundly impacted by my employment by Feld Entertainment, parent company and producer of Disney on Ice. It was my best and worst job; the best part allowing me to travel the world doing both what I loved and what I excelled at doing. I made lifelong friends and learned about life through other cultural lenses. It was completely amazing. The worst part propelled me to grow businesses that celebrate their people, their teams and their customers alike. Therein rose my core values: play well with others, demonstrate respect, reward people and show gratitude. No one is better than someone else. Never do to someone what you wouldn't want done to you!

People first, always people first! Companies should celebrate all people. In both my personal and professional lives, I aspire to help others win.

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