Christopher seamlessly blends his author and entrepreneur stripes through visual mediums to engage and guide leaders at every level in any domain. Really, it is in this stripe that his greatest passions come together.

Serving Up Inspiration

Since childhood, I've always experienced both life and expression as art forms: the art of living and the art of simply being. They are distinctly different, yet intertwined and oftentimes indistinguishable from the other.

As people, we are multifaceted and multidimensional, with the ability to create different pathways to the lives we feel drawn to or want to live. I realized at a very young age that we almost always have the power of choice, even when we choose not to make a choice, we've made one.

For me, Olympic-level figure skating, travel, writing, music, poetry, dance, business ownership, entrepreneurialism, leadership and mentorship are all facets of who I am. I've built my life interweaving them into my unique canvas of career aspirations and dreams realized. The process is always the same. I focus on people, ideas and things that I love. If I can't stop thinking about something or control how drawn to it I am, I work to learn more, seek more, understand more of how I might attach this to the pieces of my life that I've already comprised.

Six Word Leadership

For example, I allow my more artful self, the one who photographs sunsets and clouds, writes poetry and songs, into boardrooms and meetings, where I wear my CEO hat. Wherever I am and whatever situation I’m in, I'm the same person. Same me. Likewise, I approach my expressive arts with the mind of a businessman. It's how I developed “Six Word Leadership,” which is my pictures (taken while traveling, during my free time between my myriad executive commitments) combined with my quotes and words about leadership and team building (adapted from my Six Word Poetry, where a story arc is told in short-form context).

Art is life is art.

How do your picture yours?

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