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As you can see, we can take pieces of things we genuinely enjoy and rearrange them to create something altogether new and original. We can sew a unique quilt and create patterns that expressly represent what we love, what we are passionate about and how we prefer to spend our time. The trickier part is finding out how, or if, we can monetize these ideas and concepts, and whether or not they are strong enough to first, build a business and second, create a brand that can be grown around them.

In terms of building anything: relationships into partnerships, dreams into careers, ideas into innovations, capabilities into businesses, we must consider that everything is a story, has an arc, with a beginning, a middle and an end. I ask myriad questions, whether I'm writing a poem or planning strategies and goals for my business to fulfill. It comes down to observations: Is there a unique opportunity in the gap in an industry or market in which you can position yourself to fulfill in a way that adds value to other's day or lives?

What can you envision?

What can we envision together?

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