Christopher Bartlett is a man of many stripes, whose life has always revolved around the creative spark at his core. Christopher has attained his success by always living his life according to his philosophy of Mental Nutrition, and he aspires to share his philosophy with others.

Chris Bartlett

The Journey

From childhood, I’ve embraced my passion for creativity. Even when I was very young, I made up my own games to play and created things from ideas that were unlike any of the structured and preorganized things on store shelves that interested my friends and siblings. At 3 years old, I was preoccupied with my dream of becoming an Olympic Champion-level figure skater. I was not just infatuated with my light up globe; I knew every square inch of geography upon it. It fascinated me and inspired my collection of both US State and National flags. I wanted to travel and skate all over the world and meet all kinds of people while I was doing that.

What I recall more than anything, is that I was wildly passionate about each of these unique pursuits. To this day, I have never felt middle-of-the-road about anything.

I’ve always been very lucky to be able to turn what I love into what I do. It’s allowed me to live and work in 55 countries and meet and gain an understanding of people from different cultures all over the world. Eventually this vast experience would guide me towards developing a Global/Local business strategy that would be at the core of GEM’s mission.

GEM Advertising is my latest and most complete iteration of who I am, personally, professionally and spiritually. It encompasses the many facets of my education, wide global experiences, entrepreneurial spirit, and my hunger for continued learning and longing for bigger challenges to conquer. GEM is my adult dream disguised as a career. It's a reflection of my skills, observations and evolution as a human being.

What has always motivated me is a sense that my life could be any one thing I wanted it to be, if I gave that thing 200% of my passion and spirit. Innately, even as that 3-year old dreamer, I knew that I could achieve anything that I gave my all to, and that remains what drives me to this day.


In New Haven, he co-owns Rink Management Solutions, which provides management services to the Ralph Walker Rink, and he also serves on the board of the Connecticut Convention and Sports Bureau.


Christopher writes prolifically over social media and is currently working on his first book. Christopher's work is widely well-received and in 2013, Christopher was published in the Great Poets Across America publication, the cornerstone of National Poetry Month, among other publications to date.

No matter what he does, Christopher believes in the "people first" approach and that through travel, spirituality and living in the moment, everyone has what it takes to write their own success story.

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